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“TRUMATIC L3030” –  laser with function "RotoLas" tube laser cutting (innovative tube designs and flexibility of the laser for tube processing). Machine operates on the principle of "flying optics"- where the cutting head is moved while the workpiece remains stationary. This machine is equipped with TLF laser (CO2) with maximum power ratings 2700 Watt.

Technical data:
Working ranges - 3000 х 1500 mm;
Maximum material thickness – 15 mm;
TLF laser (CO2) – 2700 W.


“TRUMATIC 6000 LASERPRESS” – combined punch and laser cutting press. It combines two technologies to manufacture most effectively. Punching holes or standard contours with one stroke and laser cutting of filigree inner and outer contours with smooth, buur-free cut edge.

Technical data:
Working ranges - 3000 х 1500 mm;
Punching force - 200 кN;
Maximum material thickness – 8 mm;
TLF laser (CO2) – 2000 W.


“AMADA PROMECAM HFE 1003” –  bending press with CNC

Technical data:
Maximum bending length– 3000 mm.


“AMADA PROMECAM RG 12.25”–  bending press with CNC

Technical data:
Maximum bending length – 1200 mm.


“PEDRAZZOLLI BM65” – CNC 3D pipe and bar bending machine tool.
Technical data:
Quantity of working axes - 10;
Double side bending - clockwise and counter-clockwise;
Maximal diameter of processed pipe – 65 mm;
Maximal thickness of processed pipe – 5 mm;
Processed pipe shapes – round, oval, rectangular, square;
Maximal diameter of processed bar – 40 mm.


“DAVI MCA2020” – CNC rolling equipment.
Technical data:
Minimal rolling diameter – 210mm;
Maximal rolled part thickness (depending on the detail width) – 8-12 mm;
Maximal width of the rolled part – 2000mm.


“IDEAL CSR 302” – the CNC contact welding equipment for 3D wire products manufacturing, with two welding tables, three programmed pairs of welding electrodes and working zone ≥ 500 mm.

Technical characteristics:
The working zone - axis X – 3000mm;
                                   axis Y - 1200 mm;
                                   axis Z - ≥ 500 mm;
Electrodes - 3 pairs, 1 pair from them works in a mode 360.


“WAFIOS BM41L” – bending and welding CNC equipment for 3D wire products manufacturing, with the module on unwinding a wire and automatic transportation of.

Technical characteristics:
Quantity of working axes - 7;
Diameter of a processable wire from 3 mm up to 8mm.


PAINTING CONVEYOR – modern painting district includes the manual conveyor and automatic painting robot that allows painting various dimensions of products. Automatic painting makes the robot and depending on size of a product applies from two till ten painting pistols.

Technical characteristics:
Maximal size of painted detail/construction – L 1000 mm x H 2300 mm x D 6000 mm;
Maximal weight of detail/construction – 450 kg;
Quantity of painting places - 2;
Quantity of painting pistols on painting robot – 10.