The company "GEOR" is looking for new customers and cooperation in the area of subcontracting works. For client’s orders realization the company can offer a work of specialists, who have a very sufficient experience obtained in many years of work in this field and the following technical equipment:

Engineering & Design
The design department of firm has all opportunities on designing products of any complexity. Modern software SolidWorks, Tops100, Tops200, Tops300 completely automates process of designing and production on CNC machine tools.

Profiling Services
CNC laser cutting and punching:
TRUMATIC L3030 - Laser – with the “RotoLas” function - tube cutting. Innovative tube designs;
TRUMPF TRUMATIC 6000 LASERPRESS - Punch and laser cutting press;
Presses 20 t, 40 t, 60 t.

Welding Services
Spot welding.
MIG & TIG welding.


Forming Services
AMADA PROMECAM HFE 1003 - CNC press brakes, max. length 3000 mm.
AMADA PROMECAM RG 12.25  - CNC press brakes 25 t. max. length 1200 mm.
FIMAU 17 - Horizontal hydraulic press brakes.
„PEDRAZZOLLI BM65” – CNC 3D pipe and bar bending machine tool.
“WAFIOS BM41L” - CNC equipment for 3D wire bending.
„DAVI MCA2020” – CNC rolling equipment.

Painting Services
New powder painting conveyor with cameras size 2000 x 3000 x 7000 mm (L x H x D).
Powder painting with TEKNOS, ARSONSISI, Akzo Nobel paint according to the RAL system.


Other Services
Guillotining, drilling, sawing, assembling.
Guillotine AMADA GS 630, length 3000 mm.
Bandsaw 300W - Wire straightening machine.